Computer Design & Quality Control

Computer Design

U.S. Precision’s computer design specialists take our customers’ 3D computer models or digital schematics and transpose those blueprints to files that our CNC machines can interpret and execute. Digital 2D plans need to be translated to the cut paths for our laser cutting and turret punch equipment. Our clients‘ 3D models need to be translated and rendered by our multi-axis milling software to communicate with equipment spindle and turret tools.

Our Programming Software

  • Mastercam CAD/CAM v2020
  • Solid Works 3D v2019
  • Verisurf v2019
  • Radan 3D Design System

Increased Material Utilization

In order to minimize your sheet media costs and production time, U.S. Precision uses state-of-the-art computerized nesting modules to maximize nesting practices and minimize waste; using materials most effectively.

Quality Control

Our quality control measures are in place to ensure that all products meet our customers’ specifications and expectations. U.S. Precision mass produces wares and fabricates extremely tight-tolerance parts daily. This is achieved by understanding the attributes of materials partnered with machinery capabilities, temperature factors, and cut speeds. We constantly inspect and maintain our equipment to ensure high-quality components are produced at our fabrication facility.

ISO 9001:2000 Registration #0039815 – U.S. Precision has earned quality management systems certification from the International Organization for Standardization.

AS9100D Registration #0028647 – Our credentials with the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) enable our firm to produce components for airlines around the world.

SAI Global QMI – Quality assurance auditing and certification from SAI Global helps U.S. Precision to constantly improve and maintain quality control – as well as manage compliance requirements.

FaroArm Scanning Services

Our southern California Quality Control Team relies on a FaroArm CMM (coordinate measuring machine) for CAD comparison, 3D inspections, and other precise measurements. The accuracy range of this tool is 0.004″ – 0.0007″.

This inspection tool is ideal for evaluating the components we produce for the aerospace, automotive, metal fabrication, medical, tool & die, and several other industries where tight tolerances are mandatory.

Our Quality Team

Each of our technicians is rigorously trained to ensure quality is adhered to throughout the production process. Inspection takes place by U.S. Precision’s team of machinists, welders, and finishing specialists. Welds are examined and evaluated by certified welding inspectors. Joints and fittings are carefully audited and approved for additional assembly or packing and fulfillment.
Quality control team - U.S. Precision
Welding team - quality control