Even though the deburring step in the metal fabrication process doesn’t require state-of-the-art digital or computerized technology, it is paramount to the overall accuracy, safety, and quality of the goods we produce.
The Tools We Use
  • Gemco 2000 Wet Sander / Grainer
  • Conveyor Feed And Auto Dry System
  • Belt Media from 60 Grit to Satin Finish
  • System for all grinding, orbital sanding, and misc. finishing
  • SKAT BLAST - Dry Blast Glass Beading System with self-contained recovery system
  • Variety of media in stock
  • Burr King Tumbling System with synthetic media

Ensuring Accuracy

When U.S. Precision fabricates a single metal part, it is often a smaller piece to a larger product we will be assembling. Smooth and flat edges which are free of debris are required. This is so two pieces that need to be welded or fastened together will be smooth and flush. If a small fragment of material is present, it will prevent a proper fit and limit the integrity of the component.
in-house deburring services

Deburring Is Crucial For Safety And Liability

When we smooth our metal parts and make sure all the left over particles are gone, it helps protect our our workers and the product’s end-users. Sharp edges can easily cause a cut or scratch. If a medical device or equipment used in the food industry contains unwanted fragments, the results can be very dangerous. Again our rigorous inspections and Quality Control department are always working to make certain our products are safe and smooth.