Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is used to create two-dimensional parts from sheets of metal. This process involves creating the design in a CAD program, then transferring it over to the computerized machine, which guides the laser through the alloy blanks in order to make very precise parts. Once parts are laser cut and prior to finishing, they may move on to forming, welding, or other stations within our facility.

Our Laser Cutting Machinery

Prima Platino Laser Prima Synchrono Laser
Sheet-W: 60" 60"
Sheet-L: 120" 120"
Wattage: 5000w 4000w
IPM: 5551ipm 3973ipm
X-Travel: 120" 120"
Y-Travel: 60" 60"
Z-Travel: 9.5" 5.9"
Dimensions: 135" x 387" x 106" 132" x 228" x 98.4"
Weight: ~26,500 lbs ~40,000 lbs

One of the best things about laser cutting machines is their ability to make parts in numerous sizes. From items, the size and thickness of a credit card to larger pieces that are several feet wide or long, the machine can be customized to handle it. This provides our clients with plenty of options when it comes to getting the parts that they need.

Our laser cutting process starts with the client’s vision. Our design and programming teams work with them to develop the initial design for the needed part. From there, some guidance and input are provided on possible metal and design choices on our behalf in order to optimize the creation of each part. After the client is satisfied with the finalized design, it goes into production on our state-of-the-art machinery.

laser cutting example - thick aluminum